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Mirrors and Windows

Mirrors and Windows

31.03.2014 11:550 комментариевAmuze

Kay (23). Beijing
She lives in Gulou, in the ancient hutong part of the city.
Hutongs are narrow street formed by lines of traditional courtyyard residences.
Those old neighbourhoods were hardly demolished before the Olimpic Games to build new rich living quarters.
Her bedroom is just over the barshe manages. She is a bartender and a music promoter.
-There’s a big revival of old-school punk music in this period in Beijing- she said -I love to promote and stage young group gigs. Living here it’s a different experience, it’s small and there’s few light inside the buildings, it’s true, but it’s like to live in a 60’s collective community. What they did all around the Olimpic Games business it’s only a sandcastle, a plastic skyscraper that will crash soon.-

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