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Mirrors and Windows

Mirrors and Windows

31.03.2014 11:520 комментариевAmuze

Beirut, Lebanon.
Cynthia Maria Aramouni, 23 is a complicated person, as she identify herself.
She dreams to spend her life travelling, a month in each country, backpacking through the world.
She already travelled a lot but she’s saving money, organizing partyes, concerts and art shows to realize her dream.
Beirut it’s an unexpected cool city, but it too small, she sayd.
-After a while you always meet the same persons, It’s a kind of big group of persons bouncing from one place to another.
I mostly listen to acoustic music, but all kinds of music is amazing. I studied illustration, but work in mostly everything: music, events, charity and design.
What I love most about Beirut is it’s alive! What I hate most is the diversity that is controlling our politics and fucking everything up.-

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