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Mirrors and Windows

Mirrors and Windows

31.03.2014 11:510 комментариевAmuze

Carla Sgarbi and Mariana Bayle, 26 — Buenos Aires (Argentina) —
?We don?t remember when we first met. We were one year old, our parents were friends and neighbours?, says Mariana. ?I was a chubby girl, Carla was very slim. When our grandmothers met, they would complain for the opposite reasons?. Since that time Mariana and Carla have done almost everything together. They share the same interests and passions, first of all the one for politics. Carla, who is graduated in Law, is an activist of the Partido Obrero, of the extreme left wing, while Mariana, who has a degree in Political Science, wants to follow her very soon. Their house in the centre of Buenos Aires is very small. There is a bit of everything everywhere: clothes, shoes, bottles, household appliances. There is a marijuana plant on the bedside. A mattress between their two beds is always ready for the guests!

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