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Mirrors and Windows

Mirrors and Windows

31.03.2014 12:000 комментариевAmuze

Mickayla Skaife, 23 — London, U.K.
Mickayla’s father is one of the guards of the Tower of London, so, Mickayla and her family live there.
There are 37 families living inside the Tower of London.
Mickayla was a singer. Until few years ago she was singing in a jazz band but then she decided to stop singing because she sais that she’s shy.
She now works in the sells department of «charlotte olympia» and thanks to her job, Mickayla has a big collection of shoes.
«Living in the Tower of London is magic and special, even if you are not completely free when you live here. There are some restrictions for the time you can go out and come back in, and when you have guests at home, they have to leave before 12:00 am, or after 6:00 am. So, sometimes my friends sleeps here because they always want to stay until late here!» she says.

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