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Reindeer skin traditional boot , Yakutia, Siberia, Russia

Reindeer skin traditional boot , Yakutia, Siberia, Russia

21.04.2014 17:050 комментариевAmuze

World Tour 2013-2014 — day 35

Those reindeer skin boots are very comma in Yakutia neithertheless it is very expensive, around 300 euros.

All Siberia lake places were inhabited side the Neolithic. In 3rd century the Huns migrations trough Centre Asia had big influence on migrations of others populations from centre Asia to Siberia. Later some Turkish civilizations migrated there and made the Khakasse Empire, but the north-eastern parts of Siberia kept in a kind of prehistorically lifestyle. Genghis Khan destroyed this Empire at around 1206, leading Siberia civilization to decline. 500 years later some Tatars (old Turkish population integrated in Genghis Khan conquests) migrated to east Siberia and made the Khanat of Siberia (Baikal and Yakutia and Bouriatia are out of it) but where fatly conquered by Ivan the Terrible in 1580 (with help of Cossack, coming from Volga civilization). After Ivan the terrible, Russia continued to progress until Bering Strait since it was interested by fur. Cossack Semion Dejnev arrived in Behring Strait in 1648.

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