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Richard Bailey Pigeon Photoshoot — El Diablo — ritebook.blogspot.com -014

Richard Bailey Pigeon Photoshoot — El Diablo — ritebook.blogspot.com -014

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These dolly birds are showing off the latest haute COO-ture in a stunning set of images that portray everyday pigeons as fashion models.

The series, titled Darwin’s Pigeons, was snapped by British photographer Richard Bailey, who was looking to capture the birds’ photogenic side as a tribute to the Father of Evolution himself, who it is believed was fascinated by the birds.

Richard, from London, shot more 50 different types of pigeons in total — ranging from the well-know English Carrier, to a less recognisable Voorburg Crooper, who was more than happy to strut its stuff in front of the camera.

All of Richard’s images were shot in a professional studio, meaning that the photographer was able to capture the birds in striking poses that Cara Delevigne would be proud of.

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