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Mirrors and Windows

Mirrors and Windows

31.03.2014 11:510 комментариевAmuze

Anna Scheller, 28 — Berlin, Germany
Anna was born and raised in a small village in the country side of the north Germany. She lived there until she was 23 studing to became a teacher for kindergarten. After the univestity she immediately started to work for an alternative kindergarten. «The kids at the school were all sons of musicians, artist, djs, new hippies. It’s really nice to work in that kind of kindergarten. We served just vegetarian food and every days we did some activity outside in the forest. We all used to go at the museums, concerts and a lot of cultural things with the kids» she tells. Anna lives in Berlin now and she works for another alternative kindergarten. «It was really easy to find a joob here in Berlin! There are 300 teachers less then what the city needs!», Anna says.

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