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Mirrors and Windows

Mirrors and Windows

31.03.2014 11:520 комментариевAmuze

Lebanon, Beirut, Palestinian refugee Camp of Sabra and Chatila.
Those camps are sadly famous for the 1982 massacre in wich thousands of Palestinians were executed under the Israelian deference, by the Lebanese Christian Falangists.
The camps are a poor cement tangle of cables and eletric wires in the neighborhood of Beirut.

Laura Al Achwah 30years old.
Her dream is a bigger house where to grow and to educate her three kids.
Her Palestinian family is known as an example of solid morality in the camp. She never came out from the camp, so she really doesn’t know a lot of things about the Lebanese culture. She’s an housewife, her husband is unemployed, so her family is actually surviving with small jobs.
Her dream, as all the Palestinians refugee’s dream, is to go back in their father land, beyound the Southern borders of Lebanon.

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