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Mirrors and Windows

Mirrors and Windows

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Lisa Joy, 33 ? Sydney, Australia — Lisa was born 33 years ago, in a poor neighborhood on the far outskirts of Sydney. She grew up there with her parents and one sister. ?My family was very poor. We didn’t have much, but we were always happy.?Lisa had always been an overweight girl, and during her school years she never had much luck with boys. Then, when she was 20, she got together with her boyfriend, and 3 years later they were married. ?My husband was a special man, and we loved each other very much. I still miss him a lot, and I don’t think it will ever be easy to get past what happened to me.? Three years later, her husband died, and she found herself alone in the apartment they had found together near the city center. ?I couldn’t live there anymore. It hurt too much, so I moved in with my sister and her husband for a few months.?After that terrible loss, Lisa decided to begin taking life more lightly.Now she lives by herself in an apartment in Newtown, Sydney’s youngest and most vibrant neighborhood. She developed a passion for burlesque after taking a course for fun.?Now I have a job, a good job, that pays well enough to live here, and believe me, the rents are very high. But in the evening, I love to put on a costume and take myself less seriously than I do when I’m in the office. I’ve been doing burlesque shows in clubs around the city for a few months now. Sometimes I perform alone, and sometimes with girl friends. We have a lot of fun.?

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