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Mirrors and Windows

Mirrors and Windows

31.03.2014 12:020 комментариевAmuze

Julie Baechtold, 19 ? Vevey, Switzerand —
Julie was born in Losanna but she grown up in Vevey. She has finished her high school 6 months ago and now she has taken a year off to prepare herself for an important test. She want to get into a famous school for cartoons designer in France. ?They take 20 students per year but the are more the 700 people trying to get in every year, so i really need to study a lot by myself and try to get into the school when i can be really ready?Julie is also a diver. She?s actually a champion. She is into the national diving team and she won a lot of international competition. In the picture we can see a poster of her diving and a lot of medals that she won.

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