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Mirrors and Windows

Mirrors and Windows

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Ria Emily Mac Carthy, 29 ? Varese, Italy —
Ria was born in Sardinia, the second biggest island of Italy, for an italian mother and a irish father. She?s from a small city, a place where the mentality of people is not very open. ?Living in my hometown is like being in italy 50 years ago?, she says, ?for me was really hard to live there. Since i was a teenager i had this passion for tattoos and be an alternative model. So, i felt like i needed to leave that place and go living somewhere else.?It?s a tattoo that then gave her the possibility to leave from Sardinia, because she went to make a tattoo in Varese at a famous tattoos shop and there she has found her love! She?s now married with a tattoo artist and this is why now she?s almost covered by tattoos. She work sas model and she?s part of the ?suicide girl?: a website of uncommon models.

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