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Mirrors and Windows

Mirrors and Windows

31.03.2014 11:550 комментариевAmuze

Katja Preising, 27 — Cologne, Germany
katja was born and raised in the country side in the north-west of Germany. She lived there until she finished the high school and then she moved to Cologne to make a 3-years course for Hotel Management.
She then worked in the bar of a big hotel in Cologne but after a year she decided to go to Astralia and try to find a job there.
She was in Australia for about two years and in that period she traveled a lot and she changed few jobs.
Since she was at school her dream was to open her own coffè shop. Her dream became true a couple of months ago. In fact, after the experience in Australia she came back in Cologne where she opened a little coffè shop in the center of the town.
She says: My room is really messy, but i’m super precise in life, and especially at my bar!

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